Under The Weather

| November 7, 2011

Apparently the weather guys can see this one coming from miles away. Rain tonight with the chance of severe outbreaks, and something like a 60-percent chance of rain tomorrow. It’s a little less of a rain dance, and more just plain old North Texas fall weather. I am still amazed that the little dot of less severe drought encircles North Texas, and includes DFW, a few counties north and south of that bull’s eye. I guess it looks worse to me (here) than it really is. We also have dry creek channels and receding lake shores, but they don’t look anything like what I saw in the Austin area.

Meanwhile, I had planned on being on the flounder run in Galveston by this morning, but find myself still sick and still in Denton – sick sick. Used to be, I would run the road anyway, but the moon, earth and tides will align again (perhaps Black Friday?), and I will be there for it – time to play the long ball. I have a second fly geocache that will be planted on the coast the next time I’m there, so put some fresh batteries in your GPS units!

I will crawl into the office later on today and start editing photos for a new post out this afternoon – on Tent Rocks National Monument in Cochiti, New Mexico. I hope my photographs will do this geological wonder justice.

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