Touching Bases and Rounding for Spring

| February 20, 2012

We have a unique set of circumstances lining up here in North Texas, and with a little more good luck, this spring could be THE spring we all recall as “That Year” when we are old and grey(er).

The weather gods have given us a late wet winter that has been mild and without much freezing precipitation at all (so far). It’s always a risk to go out and say it’s over, spring has sprung and we can all break out the shorts, put away the waders and fleece, and start tying carp and bass flies. Sure I’ve been doing that exact thing the last few days, but if I told you to go jump off a cliff …?

No, the reality is that we had an incredible snow event two years ago this March, one that shut everything down and reminded us that Mother Nature will always be in charge. That event was, according to my notes, followed by a wet spring that lead to park closures at Ray Roberts and hybrid bass runs that went all the way up to the Ray Roberts Dam. Silver linings are so sweet, aren’t they?

This year has the potential to be “one of those” years, with lakes topping off, saturated ground and as far as the local scene is concerned, more and more pavement that leads to more and more runoff.


Weather around here this week will be mild and changing through the week. Apparently we are going to have significant wind and warmer all week long.


One week from now is when things get very interesting. The weather heads are saying a dip in the Arctic air could drop down the middle of the US and that reaches all the way past North Texas. Translation; the kind of cold we haven’t had all winter – bitter cold. That’s too bad really, because buds are already showing on many trees.

That should be winter’s last gasp. We head into March with a fair shot at early spring, and warming waters that lead to fish activity and timely spawning.


This coming weekend is loaded with fishy activities.
– A Euro Carp (not exactly fly fishing) event at Lake Fork, Texas, should shake things up on the aging King of Texas Bass Lakes. Can you imagine the looks the Euro guys will be getting from glittery bass boats drifting by? That’s a 44 straight hour event, and North Texas will be well represented in the event attended by Euro Carpers from around the US.
GRTU Troutfest is also this weekend. It will be held the same place as last year, and as you recall I attended that event last year, had a couple of hours to fish and couple of days to socialize with several manufacturers and retailers that attend the event. If you are in range, you won’t be disappointed in attending. Having the Guadalupe flowing in the background is always a plus. The new high gas prices are definitely making a dent in my plans, so instead of running here and there (pre-Obama), I may, if lucky, make one of these events.

Clubs and Organizations are shaking the winter hibernation off, and starting to come back to life as well. I have added significant numbers of “Organizations” to the left column of links, so you will find a link to your nearest fly fishing club there.

Alamo Fly Fishers – Guest on February 21 is Kevin Stubbs of Expedition Outfitters.
Dallas Fly Fishers – February 22 – Regular fly tying at both DFW Bass Pros and Allen’s Cabela’s.
Federation of Fly Fishers – February 24,25 – Test for certification in Glendale, Arizona
Rockport Fly Fishers – February 23 – Monthly meeting, topic – “Menhaden; The Most Important Fly in Your Box.”
Texas Fly Fishers of Houston – February 25 – BARNACLE BANDIT BLOWOUT BENIFIT TOURNEY in Port O’Conner, TX

If you have an event, or more details on these events, feel free to add details in comments. I won’t be able to update articles via information sent in a “Contact” form any longer, as the sheer volume of “Contact” forms received is exploding – and I know you would rather me be fishing, right, right?

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