Backcasting for 2012-02-19

| February 19, 2012
  • Here comes the snow. What next? #
  • #flyfishing #womenflyfishers Something free for the female fly fishers at , Happy Valentine's Day! #
  • Texas food anybody? Check out Robb Walsh – #
  • @fbrglssmnfsto Yeah, but will it carry a fly? Attached to a fly line? Why cast anyway? #
  • #fadalert is sweeping the globe, wait, it already … has. #
  • #flyfishing Flyfishchicks, lady flyfishers, fly fishing ladies and women fly fishers. What are you waiting for? – . #
  • Rainy day reading. Fly fishing section at Recycled Books, Denton,TX. Pristine 2 vol. set The Western Angler #


Category: Backcasting

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