Top Ten Music Countdown – The Clock is Ticking

| December 31, 2011

I returned home from Houston the day after Christmas to find an Amazon box chock full of research material for the year-end top ten fly fishing music countdown. As if there wasn’t enough great music already, I thought it only fair to take a spin of the 2011 releases by Radiohead, Alison Krauss and Union Station, The Black Keys and Slaid Cleaves.

It’s the best of music times, and the most difficult of music times. I have no less than three CD’s that contain used material, that is new live releases by favorite musicians with no new music on them. What the heck am I supposed to do about that? Should there be a new category, or should they summarily be ruled out? Slaid Cleaves, the legendary Levon Helm, and a fantastic double dose of Todd Snider, all muddy the water when it comes to whether it fits the years old definition of “New Music.”

Check back later today for the bottom of the countdown, and then tomorrow, the top music for fly fishers – released in 2011. It really was a good year for music along with everything else.

The first post should be out this afternoon while I am fishing one last day – for the palmetto bite on a local metropolitan lake.

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