| August 15, 2019


I mistakenly thought the Cowtown Carp Classic Carp Tournament was this past weekend in Fort Worth, Texas! Truth be told me, it is THIS WEEKEND. I guess I read the cutoff date, which is August 8. And I have heard the rules for that particular tournament have been adjusted – but don’t see them at first glance. FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME PEOPLE!


I have Saturday and Sunday open this weekend for anyone looking to get out on the water for a guided carp fly fishing trip – anyone that is, who is not already in the tournament! I won’t be guiding next weekend unless I can string two days together here in North Texas ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Even though we can get far away from the stupidity on Lake Ray Roberts, the “All in the Family” episodes at the boat ramp are hard to tolerate. 


I am looking for new ideas for video and written stories – FROM YOU the watchers and readers. Generally, I get very, very few ideas generated from readers and watchers over the years. They usually come from laying my ear on the track and listening hard for what’s coming … and getting my head off the track just before it hits everywhere else. 


August is the month in Texas outdoors. Licenses expire (renew your fishing license starting tomorrow). RENEW YOUR TEXAS FISHING LICENSE HERE

And we have new fish keep laws.


I typically wear a kill switch, and so do most of my friends. It’s just good common sense. Now, how to make that kill switch visible to binoculars is the next task. When I take mine off to work, it usually ends up in the bottom of the boat washing around in the bilge water – not exactly making me anxious to put it back on. The whole KILL SWITCH thing is difficult to begin with, since I have covered my original (non safety) KILL SWITCH with a tiller extension. Speaking of tiller extensions, I do need to put this, the last of the STRONG-ARM Tiller Extensions ON THE MARKET now. If you are interested in purchasing, it fits a 2015 Mercury grip, and I can give you the details if you are serious about purchase.

So this is also the time of year when I reach around (it’s a long reach) and kick myself for not buying a lifetime fishing license about a dozen years ago – at about 25-percent less than it costs nowadays ($1000.00). The math alone would’ve gotten me here already. Oh well ….

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