This Stone Rolls On and Gathers No Moss (This Week Anyway)

| April 16, 2015

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Whoa. It’s a busy week, in a very busy month! I wish they were all like this, and I would already have my silver beach house on the beach. But then, who cares about my schedule! The fish are on their own schedule and it is on. Although we are getting battered by spring weather patterns FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE, watch the video for an extremely brief explanation of just how this sudden rise in lake levels – not just here – is our own fish god’s blessing and curse for us.

I believe I neglected to mention the part where all this water in these huge fields of weeds is actually a potential blessing in one way; this stuff is hard to penetrate, and almost impossible to fly fish, so our carp population is having massive orgies down in these drenched thickets. Yes, they really are! And perhaps these sex parties will lead to a bumper crop of carp in, say, three years. And in another three years, if we haven’t all burned off the face of the planet? We could be in for carp populations that even the most inaccurate bow “fisher” can’t make a dent.

Watch the video and feel free to ask questions. Thanks, and we’ll get back onto a better, more detailed track next week when things slow down a little (not by my choosing!).

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