The Monday Melody of Riot

| February 1, 2021

If you haven’t checked in since last Monday, here’s what you missed –

If you aren’t in North Texas, you also missed a dust storm, fifty-mile-an-hour winds and a thermometer that is still confused. If you are in the wind chime business, like I am, you had to tie your chimes down to keep them from getting completely blown away.

I spent about twelve hours loading up on carp flies at the fly tying bench this weekend, and as tedious as it gets tying the dozens needed for a season – plus those to sell – I did a little digging around to see if there were any revolutionary new flies intended for the carp world. As I searched, I found some old and newer designs that look worth trying this fast approaching season.

So many of the designs I came across were either, a) wrong size for our habitat (too big and/or too heavy), or, 2) way too complex to be worth tying for a carp fly. I’ve thrown many of them before, and when all is said and done? There’s only one fly to add to the flies I tie in volume this year.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the folks hanging out their “expert,” and, “master” degrees specifically in tying carp flies! Who would have ever thought this controversial sub-cult would go mainstream?


I was YouTube surfing while tying flies over the weekend, and once you feed YouTube some search information, of course it wises up and starts looking for you based on your previous watches and searches. My surprise was a video from five months ago, with asldfkja;lsdjf;alsdj talking about the huge burst in popularity of … fly fishing. It included an interview with the royal Joan Wulff and Peter Kaminsky. I was reminded of Joan’s unique cast stylings, and spent considerable time thinking about it once again. It doesn’t share anything with the Kreh casting style, but it obviously works for her. What I am wondering is if that cast is actually more suited for women’s physiology? I’ll do something dangerous, and keep thinking about that theory …


I get the impression this year the Ray Roberts flats will be crawling with fly fishers. The timing of spring, the bending of the curve, the vaccine and a burst in popularity closely rivaling “A River …” days – all are forming into a perfect storm, one setting us free to roam … on a local basis anyway. All you have to do is stay socially fly distanced – FROM ME ANYWAY – and we can all just Rodney King (“get along”). I really do wonder just how crowded the known spots will get this year. Luckily, I invested in new isolated spots last season, and I am ready to cash those in this season. 


Coming next is a very short story that goes with the thorough video about taming your fly fishing leader spools and that goes with the video link you found up top in the first paragraph. You can cut to the chase, and click on that video, or wait SUBSCRIBE to this website, and get notified when it’s posted here.

It looks like there’s a short window where we can get some casting in over the next two days, so saddle up and load up – because wherever we go, it won’t be around here!

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