The Conejos River – Day 4 – No Getting Over This Rainbow

| August 14, 2008

Conejos River Rainbow trout and observations along the way


Conejos Trout Habitat Sponsorship.

I sat in the Skyline Lodge restaurant earlier tonight, stretched my elbow straight, and just stared at my forearm, and smiled to no one but myself. The end of a quality day.

The new Forester was meant for this.

I managed to get an early start, and loaded up the pack vest for what I anticipated to be a long hike. According to what I had read and heard, there are two major things about the stretch of the Conejos across from The Pinnacles, and they are 1) It is considered a difficult or strenuous hike, and 2) Some of the biggest fish on the Conejos reside there. That was a good enough reason to pack the Winston 5wt. as well … little did I know.

Along the Colorado roadside north of Lake City, Colorado.

The jump off point for the trail is the same one the ladies backpacking trip started off, and will return tomorrow by that same trail. From what I could tell, markings for the split of the trails is non-existent. The best I could call this venture is a long shot. It was fast water in a rough area. You begin at South Fork Trail Head by parking, loading up and heading straight down the trail, over the bridge and then the trail goes north. The split between 724 (South Fork Conejos Trail), and 720 (Roaring Gulch Trail) happens at the gate – don’t go through the gate, 


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  1. shannon says:

    I must be out of control, but I like it when you read it to me. True fish porn? shannon

  2. LeslieK says:

    FYI- going through the gate gets you up to the split in the trail- there are markers at the split that ID each trail, and although roaring gulch trail generally runs parallel to roaring gulch- you don’t see too much water on the way.

    AND….. if I ever am in need of ideas to spark up a romantic evening, I think I’ll remember to just reference the text in this entry (it reads like some kind of hot romance novel–except we’re talkin fish here)….”but then a trout exploded out of that small hole and it was on. The Rainbow skittered across rocks and shallows, in full view only half submerged, in a split second and headed for the current, with the skarkskin line sizzling out of the rod I knew to let him run. Once I put some tension on the Winston, and tightened the drag slightly, the Rainbow reset his trim straight upstream and into the bottom of a fall where he stayed motionless.”…… read this in a low voice and it sounds downright sexy.

    Thanks for making he trip this much fun for all of us. LK