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| December 23, 2008

TIME TO ROLL OUT THE TOP 10 Records for 2008

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First the rules: 1) It has to be good 2) Almost all of it has to be good 3) My reviews for the top ten are brief. If you want to know what makes these releases so good – ASK! 4) There is now a single “carryover” which is a CD from last year that is so good, or rediscovered, or defines 2008, or I just want to mention it again. 5) There is no payola involved, but we can talk. 6) If you have a top ten, I would love to give you the chance to roll it out, but be ready to take some shots from others. Remember – everyone’s a critic. If you don’t have a top ten, you need to get a musical life – EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A TOP 10.

Carry Over – Foo Fighters – In Your Honor (Disc 1) — If you are an aerobic workout person, this is the CD for you. Unstoppable.

#10 – James McMurtry – Just Us Kids — OK, James, you won the election, now what? Times have changed just enough at the last of 2008 to make his laments seem like ancient history now. It is still a timepiece of epic proportions, and he is one of the top writers going forward from here – if forward is where he wants to go. No retreads please.
#9 – Kings of Leon – Only by Night — Yes, Virginia there is good rock, and KOL is happy to put a new release under your tree this year. Big time public image now.
#8 – Mudcrutch – Mudcrutch – Sure Tom, just try to keep Mudcrutch off the mainstream charts. Unfortunately he tries to cover too much too quick and some parts suffer, but if you want to fish to a song, try the remake of the Byrds “Lover of the Bayou”. It’ll turn you green.


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Comments (2)

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  1. shannon says:

    Installment thing? Ray Lamontagne NO! Killers NO! Yes installment plan. Gotta make it last awhile. shannon

  2. Cindy says:

    is this another installment thing? rarz.
    also, did you listen to kenny chesney’s new CD yet, if not you should like… now.
    and i’m sure you’re hip enough to have heard of vampire weekend, but if you didn’t that would also be good to listen to.
    and you never told me what you thought of the second listen of ray lamontagne or the new killers!
    do some listening while you’re doing all that driving.
    oh and… merry christmas

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