The Big Lebowski – Anti Labor Day Tradition

| September 2, 2008

A new Labor Day tradition watching the Big Lebowski

OK, sometimes traditions make themselves obvious, and sometimes you have to tie a few Clouser’s first. This Labor Day gives birth to my new tradition, with new focus, of watching the penultimate slacker movie – The Big Lebowski.

Take a look at it now, and you will see that there is an undercurrent of politics ala Bush 41. Obviously The Dude represents the masses while Old Man Lebowski is the entrenched, Republican power class. “Your revolution is over Lebowski! The bums will always lose!”

How to flip the reputation of fly fishing from Old Man Lebowski to the Dude, is without a doubt what so many in the post “River” world struggle to define – either balance, destroy or embrace. Embrace the Old Man and you’re a conformist. Destroy the establishment and you’re a radical “Buster Wants to … “. Balance, although the most difficult, can potentially be the most boring – like “Fly Fishing” and “Culture on the Skids” – akin to things “fat free”. Still, balance is where it’s at for me – inside, outside, video, audio, fish, food, and fishfood, eventually, I guess.

How the heck can you get past The Dude, KO’d to Bob Dylan. Pure. Classic. The Dude lives below the radar and functions without a ripple until … things get interesting.

Then there are the modern classics like “Brown Trout Blues” by Johnny Flynn. It is amazing what one can find by simply looking at other sites like Midcurrent. I guess I will just continue gleaning until the incoming links pour forth like so many fish into the creel.

Fly Fish Chick is back on with a new entry – that owes something to that old “Who Shot JR – Dallas” cliffhanger – It Was All Just a Dream. The Chick is cool, but her rabid fan’s breaths smell of bait really. Ahh, how green is envy? I think the time is right to go fishing for some incoming blogroll links. How about you?

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  1. lane says:

    Have another beer,the San Juan River is nine days away.
    “tippets” that would make a great name for a bunch of flyfishing musicians.

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