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| March 19, 2015

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We have a short and semi-sweet report today. As you can tell, we are out of the comfort zone today, due to the fact we’ve been moved out of house and home to have our antique wood floors redone. Not a job for the squeamish by the way.

The talking weatherheads are scratching their brains a little today, as what was an 80-percent chance of rain, was scaled back to 20-percent, and now it’s raining. Whatever. There was also a trip going to Honey Creek – down near San Antonio, Texas, that has been cancelled due to potential flooding in that area of Texas.

So if you are taking advantage of your last gasp of spring break, be sure to know before you go! Flooding is always possible, due to the length of Texas rivers, and the fact that some of these rain events can be condensed to a small area, releasing a bulge of water into the system.

If things do even up on the weather front, and we can get a rain pattern established around here, there’s a good chance to see some good old fashion sand bass runs in North Texas creeks. When I was fishing the creeks this morning, sand bass are definitely being caught, but not at any kind of rate that would provide that pavlovian reinforcement we like.

If you are thinking about the creeks above, and around, the northern reaches of Lake Ray Roberts, save the gas as those creeks are puddles with vegetation growing in so high that there won’t be sand bass action there this year. The growth around the lake feeders is so high now, it will take lake levels ABOVE CONSERVATION pool to rot and clear all that out of the system.

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