Body-Mind-Soul – A Brief Discourse on Time

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I attended a funereal for a friend’s father last Monday. The service started at 3:16, and the date last Monday was 3-16. That decision was purposeful – to say last goodbyes to a man who preached the word of God, and loved John 3:16.

After the service, I had time to talk and reminisce with my friend on his Dad, and this friend, who was once my best friend, reminded me of one of the things I used to tell him, a thing he said he never forgot, “At some point time is shorter than it is long.” I hadn’t said that in awhile, but replied, “We’re there now.”

That night I had a vivid dream. I dreamed I was looking at footsteps in the snow, not necessarily my footsteps. They were close together, not a shuffle but close like an old man’s in a back yard or garden would look. It was not mud but a slushy snow, and it was snowing, and those footsteps began to fill up, to disappear. When they had completely disappeared, I woke up.


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