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Gin Clear and Cool – Rivers Report Central Texas

| June 7, 2008 | 1 Comment

central texas san marcos river fly fishing

I have seen clear water before, but when I stepped off into the patch of gravel on the edge of the San Marcos River, I quickly realized the perceived depth was nothing near the real bottom. Note to self: Remember to take off polarized glasses before dropping in.

I was waiting for a fellow fly fisherman to arrive from San Antonio, and he was late. He was the planner since San Marcos is much more his backyard than a DFW resident could claim. The plan for the San Marcos was to rent some reliable floating device (it never got that far as to whether kayak, canoe or whatever), and float down hitting the otherwise inaccessible shores in pursuit of the unique Smallmouth Bass. Now, without knowledge of the “plan”, I was biding my time and trying to learn from doing, and waiting on his arrival. This was a true DIY day.

The day before I got first hand looks and some fishing in the Colorado River, the Blanco and San Marcos River, and even winged it over to Wimberley.

The Colorado River isĀ 


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