South Padre So Far Away – Be Careful What You Wish For You Might Not Get It

| July 7, 2008

Toyota FJ-60 transmission failure South San Antonio Texas

When is a fly fishing trip (disguised as a vacation) not a fly fishing trip? How about when your car breaks down half-way there in lovely South San Antonio, Texas. Sometimes it seems when one puts so many “fun” eggs in one basket, they can easily get broken.

Transmissions are a wonderful invention. Automatic transmissions are the weak sister of transmissions when it comes to adapting American engines and drivetrains to Land Cruisers. The transmission on my FJ60 seemed to work just fine, but that was before I loaded an additional 1-thousand pounds of people and gear in and on it. So, now it sits in a questionable area of town with kayaks firmly lashed on top. Fellow family travelers and all the remaining gear hitched a ride with other family that was miraculously in the area and within two minutes of our breakdown location. Perfect just perfect. So, now I wait for a rental car to get me the rest of the way (writing off the kayaks – predicting they will be stolen where they sit) to SPI, then turn around and come back when the Cruiser is ready – the math on that appears to be 750 miles of additional driving. Hmm, now why do I live in Texas?

The bright side? Well, I would be hard pressed to think of a worse time and place for the Cruiser to break down. But I guess if this had to happen, perhaps it could have happened in a worse place and at a worse time – it’s just not coming to me how it could be any worse. Yet.

Twenty-four hours of water time lost so far.

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