Shots Fired – Big Box Fly Fishing Retail on Life Support

| March 24, 2017

This week seems to have been the tipping point in big box retail business, when Sears declared itself unsure of being able to operate as a “going concern” going forward. For you accountants out there, you know what that means. For our young readers, a “going concern” is an accounting term that essentially means having a business that makes money, any money at all. And businesses that don’t make money? They don’t stay open.



If the USA no longer makes steel, and they are imploding malls in the rust belt, don’t we realize change, even a change in the way we shop for fly fishing goods, is inevitable? If you don’t think changes, known and unknown, are coming in the future of retail(for the rest of our future as fly fishers), then I have a buggy whip to sell you.

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  1. shannon says:

    I have been informed that Backwoods has reformed, and has a new smaller store in Fort Worth, Texas (and other locations)! So we need to go take a look, as I don’t know anyone who’s been there yet. THANKS! And keep reading.