Running With the Devil

| October 17, 2022

My late mother used to say, “We always get a cold front before your birthday,” and I even recorded her voice saying that – just to make sure I could always hear it. Now, we have the first cold front without my Mom … heck of a deal – is all I can think to say.

I will actually be running with the weather back to South Padre Island today, back from North Texas where cold fronts are actually real, down to the Borderlands where they are almost never real. But the threat of rain makes the trip just that much more stressful when the run is so long.

Of course this weather foretells a shift on the coast, one that takes my learning curve to the next degree of difficulty. From North Texas where there is little transition from summer to winter, we now try to get our minds wrapped around extreme South Texas where seasons can, some years, actually never transition from an “Endless Summer.” Rare is the freeze on the Lower Laguna Madre, but it does happen.

Progress at Los Pescadores

Construction isn’t exactly breaking any land-speed records in Port Isabel these days. Optimistic opening dates evaporate as the calendar sheets begin to be pealed away, one hopeful date after another gone, but fortunately the calendar always has another month behind it … we’re going to need it.

You can always get to the growing online store at Los Pescadores, and order anything for local pickup if you want, or we can ship to wherever you may be. This week, our “Los Pescadores” original cafe t-shirts and performance clothing should hit the store, and we also have some great bandanas with the Los Pescadores design – coming online – and ready for purchase as well!

Thanks for reading this Monday Morning, get out your long handles, your toboggans and for North Texans, start asking aloud, “When is that awesome TPWD trout stocking starting?” For South Texas, put on your longer shorts, maybe a long sleeve Los Pescadores shirt and get ready to dust off your “real” shoes for the coming season.

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