What’s That Sound?

| October 10, 2022

Rain Coming Down

So it has rained a few times since my arrival here at the Tip of Texas. It is the most welcome and foreign of weather sounds in Texas these days, isn’t it?

I could see the clouds building up in a solid way over the Gulf just before sunset last night, and when they’re that solid? You can pretty much bet on the rain. It may be a little, or it may be a lot. One thing is certain; the Island is pretty darn flat and the puddles do form quickly. Drainage? We don’t need no stinkin’ drainage!


The tides have been high and with minor movement, so even if the fish have to eat, it does challenge the newbie. I walked a mile of hard sand yesterday, with overcast skies that never let up, and caught a whole lot of nothing. It was what I expected, but sometimes I still have a smoldering hope … left to be extinguished. Still the water is so clear and the bottom is alive with bay growth – a wide variety on the sand that gives way to a straightened hula skirt wall of healthy grass parallel to the Island a good distance from the shore, a great distance from the shore. The sand is so vast, you can zig-zag another mile into a straight mile – from shallow shore plotted with mangrove stands, to the grass and back again. The vastness, all alone, no one in sight … I should have known there were no fish! Where there’s fish, there’s fishermen!


For some reason I don’t remember such an abundance of ladyfish! They are almost everywhere, and the most annoying crazy wild fish that flies like a kite on a string when hooked. They fight to the death if allowed, and they are more likely to self-release than any other fish I have ever hooked on a regular basis. In talking to the VP of the Laguna Madre Fly Fishers last Thursday night at Bass Pro in Harlingen, the loathsome ladyfish has even made it into the contests, like the Magoo Fly Fishing Tournament this coming Saturday. That tournament includes a “First Place” for snook, trout, redfish and yes there is a top spot for the ladyfish.

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