Reel Recovery Event on My Calendar for April 2016

| November 20, 2015

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Body Mind Soul Fly FishingI never thought I would hear multiple recommendations from family and friends to be a participant in a men’s cancer recovery retreat – as a participant. That was before cancer actually came to visit me. So I certainly allowed my wife (and superstar caregiver) to send off a brochure application for more information about Reel Recovery and their events when she found the brochure (where I was getting weekly chemo doses). Honestly, the first time I saw that brochure in her hands, I thought, “yeah, I should be a volunteer to help these guys.” It is still extremely easy for me to forget I am one of “these guys” now.


The very day that was sent off, I got an e mail from a good local friend Michael Mendez who recommended the same organization except that it was the Texas branch. He sent me the information, and I filled out the online application (last night) for the next Reel Recovery Texas event in Glen Rose on April 15 of 2016. I received approval to be a participant in this morning’s email which, in and of itself, was refreshing in the lightning fast response.

This kind of serendipity should always be heeded in my opinion, and if it’s in the world of fly fishing … pay extra mind to the opportunity to give and take (although somewhat in reverse order in this instance!).

It is probably evident, I once again have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into, but it seems like the timing is right in the grand scheme of this life. Of course I have the ulterior goal of perhaps being able to be one of the volunteers for Reel Recovery in the future. I haven’t gotten any approvals to write about this as of yet, and will make sure all the firsthand writing gets all the green lights, so for now it seems simple enough to report on the organization in these early stages of learning about Reel Recovery.

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