Rainy Sunday a Good Time for a Fly Fishing Tip

| February 22, 2015

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If you tuned in expecting a story on Mind-Body-Soul … well, just take a look or listen at your weather. It has been raining for a few hours here, and the sound is better than music, and almost to the point of making me nappy this Sunday afternoon. It’s an afternoon that is quickly slipping away, and folks around here are in a full-blown weather paranoia as the talking-weather-heads stoke the fear around here.

We won’t know just how bad it will get until it turns over another day on the calendar, and by then we could well be trapped wherever we are. No matter where we are, Monday comes and that means a normal walk along the Monday Morning Sidewalk tomorrow – rain, snow, ice or shine.

Enjoy this video if you choose to watch. It’s about a “tool” I think would be useful for cinching loop knots like those we tie in our homegrown leaders. I am sure there are more uses for more knots, but I was surprised at how well this two-dollar item works for the job. It’s a “Chicken Fried Nation” special. These may already exist, in fact I bet they do and have been done before, but I call it the KnotChinch, and I am about to upscale one into 6061 aluminum, hand turned on a lathe. Those will eventually (after prototyping) go on the PoPs Fly Shop website. Meanwhile, enjoy this tip, and let me know if you see any good fly fishing tip videos anywhere, and we’ll have a look!

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