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| August 7, 2009

If you are reading this, chances are you already realize the power of the internet to provide valuable and mostly accurate information about fly fishing, destinations, hot spots, gear, tactics and the big picture of fly fishing’s multi faceted culture and politics.

I am still somewhat amazed by some locals working at big box fly shops, who just will not embrace the POWER of communication through the internet. Of course, I would call myself a “tweener” of a different nature – caught between generations of serious technology hounds on the younger end, and older fly folks (and parents for that matter) who just cannot find the onramp to the information highway. Right or wrong, I consider any fly fisher to be at an extreme disadvantage if they ignore the internet.

Heck, just ask Lefty Kreh. The last time he was in town to speak to the members of the Dallas Fly Fishers (DFF), I personally helped him get his video presentation going. The catch; he was using a more current version of Apple Keynote than I had on my computer! All he had with him was a memory stick with the presentation as he did not want the hassle of bringing his MacBook on a flight. OK, first Lefty Kreh is an Apple user. Second, at what 84, he’s using more current software than myself! I had no choice but to sneak away to the Apple store at Willow Bend and buy and load the latest version so he could use his visuals for his presentation. He was as pleased for the success, as I was to simply help a legend and have this story.

So with this in mind, I want to do a brief and occasional installment on what’s going on at different web sites, in fly news and wherever else I find information that slowed me down enough to read past the lead. Take all this with the grain of salt; this is merely one in a series of filters that take information, and leave information behind. It lacks the perspective of multiple editors and multiple edits. It is simply here for you to filter through and see where it may take you.


There is a new movie coming out that looks interesting. At least on a visual level, “Once in a Blue Moon” looks to be a refreshing treat in what has apparently slowed to a bare trickle of new fly fishing releases.

Fly Fishing – Once in a Blue Moon 60sec promo from On the Fly on Vimeo.

If you don’t have a ticket to New Zealand in your back pocket, maybe the strange and twisted LLELA just below Lewisville Lake arouses your rational interest. We have written some about this strange, politically charged location, but there’s always somebody coming onto the boards scene that has heard something about it and wants to see what all the fuss is about. Such is the case with this thread on Texas Fishing Forum about Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area. To call it a “tailwater” diminishes the term, but you can bet I will get back down there to reconfirm what is already known; for fly fishing it’s pretty insignificant stuff.

And although “carp fishing is so 2004”, it seems to be holding steady virtually worldwide. On a local basis, the carp pros are hanging their shingles on their signature lines, including “Lone Star Carp Brigade”, “Carp Angler’s Group” or CAG … and more I am sure.

Then, still on a carp binge, there’s the story about Benson the King of the Carp died recently in the United Kingdom.

A new expose on Japanese Dolphin slaughters by former Flipper Trainer Ric O’Barry has received enough recognition through the likes of Sundance that this documentary’s star is now rising. Look for “The Cove” to be making a splash on a broad basis very soon.

Back to the local scene, there are two things still sticking under my saddle blanket. One; the fact I have yet to see and catch a smallmouth bass. Two; there are redfish living in freshwater climes that are taunting me. That last item vaulted to the top of my list after a chance encounter with a new fly fisher at Possum Kingdom (where I lost my carp box) two weeks ago. He has caught reds on a nearby lake (you tell me which one), and claims he has seen some of the same behaviors in freshwater that he’s seen in saltwater. I believed him and visited the location the day after (that conversation at PK) to see what all the fuss is about. The location will be a lot of work, but I saw fresh cleaned reds at the cleaning station that I estimate at 30 inches when alive. Needless to say, this is haunting knowledge. I am less encouraged by the hunt for smallmouth since they are obviously running deeper in the hot weather.

In the heat of the summer a couple of things happen – anglers start thinking about the colder months and cold water fisheries, and they definitely get frustrated as spring fever has worn off the fish and themselves. There is not a site that is written about more for cold water fly fishers than Beaver’s Bend / Broken Bow, and since the devastating spring floods angler’s concerns that it may not be as (easy) as it once was are evident on virtually all message boards. The likelihood of me fishing the Bow is slim-to-none this season unless someone can prove to me there are fish in Zone II, so my focus goes toward the C-n-R area of the Blue River again. Those piggy little stockers were certainly more enjoyable than the Bow experience for the most part, and although I am probably guilty of creating a bit of a rush to the site by anglers, I am headed back there – as soon as the stockers settle in again – with guests.

If you are looking for fly art, or to become fly art, take a look at what these guys are doing at Living Proof Designs. It’s one of those, “I wish I would have thought of that!” moments.

On the gear side, Temple Forks is at it again with a new rod the “Clouser” which Joel Hays, yes that Joel Hays of Southwest Fly Fishing fame, casted and has yet to write up. Just by looking at it, and seeing the flex, I can say this rod is something completely different – and not just another heavy legal length bass basher. Unfortunately for us, the folks at TFO don’t really worry themselves with updating their site with new merchandise very much. It’s easy to understand, since TFO itself does not sell rods to the public, and seems to hand the ball off to the retailers when it comes to the advertising buzz. I am guessing that it will get more exposure once it is in more hands and the noise comes from the anglers up to the retailers – advertisers – manufacturer.


Although TFC evolves to and fro – sometimes writing and relying on written descriptions, and sometimes producing extensive podcasts, we hope you will tune in as we find ourselves headed straight back into video and photographic postings … because sometimes you have to see things to believe them. Through extensive experimentation, TFC also may have developed a new way to document fly tying to actually make it surprisingly clear and interesting. The first ever TFC tying video will be out next week.

This has also been a bumper crop for music this year, and I have no choice but to start my top list now.

TFC is also going to try to delve more into the food scene (beer seems to be well documented), with a “catch-to-crunch” story on sand bass once they start their evening schooling on Ray Roberts. Our most recent grilling was a super anchovie pizza on the stone last night – and I was the only consumer. I bet we can come up with something more interesting and palatable for the fish-less taste somehow, sometime soon.

So tune in, turn on, and feel free to let us know what you’re interested in knowing about.

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  1. Cindy says:

    well i’ve got one, so obviously…

  2. shannon says:

    OK this tumblr thing could be the next big thing, or is it already?

  3. Cindy says:

    ah, and the ability to have user submitted entries through a unique url. cool huh?

  4. Cindy says:

    and don’t forget following people, integrating twitter, RSS feeds both in and out, and a mobile friendly version. the only thing i can seem to think it’s missing is the ability to add widgets.

  5. Cindy says:

    information is king. check out tumblr.com – it mashes together video, audio, text, links, quotes, etc. all into one VERY easy to use format. and they have a feature for using your own domain name and for editing the themes (in HTML!)

  6. shannon says:

    The Clouser Rod is not on the market yet. It will be introduced at the Denver show and I hear it comes in 5 to 8 weights. Apparently the 5 is an 8 foot rod.

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