Not Only is there a Drought

| April 9, 2009

Not only is there a drought, there’s a DROUGHT. There’s a drought of fish, fishing weather, fishing information, people wanting to fish, people fishing, information, business, music, art, eating and drinking creatively.

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I have to hand it to JH over at DFW Fly Fishing though, he has a contest going that has everyone stumped for now. Maybe a lurker can step up and win that one. That’s what happens when the doldrums hang around; people find “diversions”, filler (guilty of course), and fluff.

JH tipped me on a pair of Canadian Geese that have decided to call Unicorn Lake, in Denton, their home for the time being, raise a gaggle and stay smartly out of range of roving photographers who would erstwhile be fishers. I came across two pairs on Ray Roberts, in a never to be disclosed location, that are doing much the same, and that has me wondering; is this global warming, or climate change, or … normal goose behavior? If someone can shed light on why a Canadian Goose would subject themselves to an entire year of North Texas weather brutality – for any reason – please enlighten us.

In the music world, there is some chum in the waters. There will be a new Bob Dylan release this month, and a Wilco DVD that won Best Cinematography at Big Sky Film Festival. Screenings of “Ashes of American Flags” are scheduled in the usual suspect cities – from Boulder, CO, to State College PA. Of course there’s some chafe with the wheat, and Neil Young’s new release “Fork in the Road” can best be described as an artist’s indulgence – “I’m Neil Young, so I can make a record about anything, even electric cars if I want to!” Go ahead Neil, get it out of your system, and we’ll be waiting on the other side.

The idea of a “contest” has been bobbing in my head for awhile, for TFC’s purposes, a photo contest. What would the just rewards be though? Contests are so capitalistic anyway … and we are not exactly at the height of capitalism in the US at this writing. What if everybody who enters wins? Trophies for everyone!

Heck, we have a well documented fishing records hunt sponsored right here, and no one has come forth with a single fish — on a lake that has zero records for fly – yes ZERO. That drought is taking a toll. All you have to do is catch a fish (on which lake you may ask?), and you’re in. Look at the Ray Roberts records, and you will see a new record for Smallmouth Bass! This record, caught by Guy Giorgio, is on a lake that never has had Smallmouth on it. Does it seem suspect to you as well? The 800-pound go is “hmmm … how does someone find and catch a fish that doesn’t exist?” Could it be a “planted fish”?
Pat Wilshire, the previous record holder had this to say, “Supposedly some people imported them from Texhoma (e-legaly). Have heard lately that that record has been broken but who knows” – from a March 9 e-mail. So, where are they dumping these ghost fish – apparently somebody knows. If I had a guess, it would be as close to Texoma as possible.

All I know is, people think all kinds of crazy things when they get crazy from the drought, much less the heat.



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  1. shannon says:

    Umm, it’s just OK in my opinion, and besides there’s a drought!

  2. Cindy says:

    hey. i never did hear what you thought of haymaker!… soo?

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