North Carolina Epilogue – Asheville North Carolina

| October 15, 2013

North Carolina fly fishing Asheville, North Carolina.

Time is relative, or so they say. I simply can’t believe I was in Asheville in February, and now it’s already October.

Asheville was one of those mythical places I had heard so much about for so long. The fact that I was less than 100 miles away from there on a photo shoot meant I had to go out of the way and touch that base before heading for home.

As I walked out from the fantastic downtown parking garage, that has a climbing wall attached to it, I realized this part of town was on a pretty steep hill. As I climbed up the streets, I couldn’t help but notice a certain alpine flair to the narrow curved streets not even slightly on a grid. The smattering of designer stores reminded me of all the downtowns in Colorado resort towns.

Over the hill and down the street I found a pub that was hosting a regular jam session. It was between lunchtime and the evening rush. Perfect timing. I stepped inside.

Asheville is built for tourism. No doubt about it. The visitor’s center is huge, and the parking lot accommodates tour buses. So that tells you what you’ll get if you go in the summer months. From what I heard, and (I think I) documented in previous posts – fly fishing in North Carolina really blasts off in early spring, and gets pounded hard by the time summer begins. If you do get the chance, be sure to spend more than two hours there! Of course, backtrack to the related posts if you’re interested in nearby fly fishing and lesser known towns.

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