| December 23, 2019
2020 Header! I can see the giant im peach from here. What peach? Russia HEADER Suffers Setback.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new header and color scheme here at Texas Fly Caster – Texas Fly Fishing! WARNING – I MAY NOT BE DONE YET! I have tinkered with the idea of changing the NAME of Texas Fly Caster, the actual url to, in order to unseat some unsavory websites from their unearned positions in Google Ranking, but I may save that for awhile. After all, who knows what’s next in life anyway?

My favorite day of the year passed us by this weekend! The winter solstice – the shortest day and longest night of our earthly year – went off without a hitch once again, proving that although the earth wobbles from time-to-time, just like our Country wobbles, the forces of nature and our Gods keep us revolving around the sun with a high degree of accuracy.

Now, with the grace of God, and the fish Gods, the days get mercifully longer and eventually warmer. The sun makes its way back up from the southern horizon, and as some good bad luck would have it — just in time for me to have a LOT OF TIME on my hands. Unfortunately, having time an no funds? It’s the worst possible combination. Why?

Well, if I could put gas in my tank come February, if I had the MEANS, I might embark on some fantastic journey, like the one I just started reading on, in the book sent to me for review recently: Storied Waters by David A. Van Wie, Stackpole Books 2019. Although I have just started reading, it doesn’t take too long to be drawn in by the locations – Starting at Walden Pond – and by questions I mean,  who is David A. Van Wie? Obviously, I must be completely illiterate! So along with ACTUALLY reading the book, and writing a free-thinking review, perhaps I can reach out to Van Wie, and see if I can get a response. Most of the authors I have reviewed have been very accessible in the past, and in my mind it is part of the work of writing a GOOD review. By the way, today is Norman McLean’s Birthday! Stay tuned …

So it is out of North Texas next weekend, and to the Bayou City for a little family time. From there I will be in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It is a place I am familiar with on a disastrous scale. We were there after Hurricane Katrina, and spent a week doing recovery work for the local citizens of that town – who suffered more quietly than folks in New Orleans. The last time we passed through Bay St. Louis was when we sidetracked there on the way back from Cocoa, FL, after picking up my skiff there. It was a drive-though and we did not recognize it AT ALL. Hurricane amnesia had taken effect, and everything was built back as if nothing ever happened, and A LOT MORE had been built on top of the old rubble.


I did not even bother to search for Christmas Fly Fishing gift giving this year, because all my time is spent applying for jobs these days … and if you really look, there is not much new under the sun to help a fly fisher fish. Sure, you can look good, heck you could look even better doing it, but the disconnect in cost, the disconnect between the haves-and-have-nots is so vast these days … and I also wonder just how well some of the brands we know and trust are actually doing these days? Have you seen all the discounts leading up to Christmas by new and old standard bearer companies? Probably the most 

If any of you has seen a “Fly Fishing Must Have” I would be glad to take a look, and maybe we can even review it? I have one eye on the conventional saltwater fishing world, and there actually seems to be a lot more going on there than in our fly fishing world of mass consumption. 


If you have a serious saltwater fly fishing bone in your body, backtrack to my stories on PORT MANSFIELD, Texas, and read those to escape and light the fire over these next few days. I will put another log on that fire between now and this weekend – another installment of PORT MANSFIELD – to add to the flame! 

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