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| March 14, 2022

Did you reset your clock last Saturday?

I got into a major back-and-forth with my friend Danny Scarborough Saturday, and it was about signs versus science.

The older we get, it seems we become more attached to the mystical possibilities. Possibilities like judging the sand bass bite on redbud flowers, and not the cut-and-dry temperature of the water in which these little fish swim. There’s always someone like Danny, standing there to correct my antique wishes and set me back on firm scientific ground …

So the redbuds are about to PoP, and the water temperatures are about to hit the magic number that triggers annual sand bass runs across this region of Texas. Texas is, in fact, so large this region is just starting the run while, according to Danny, “it’s just about over,” down Houston way.

Sure, I saw the redbuds popping when I was down there a couple of weeks ago – near Lake Livingston – probably just a coincidence, right?


I missed running a Saturday YouTube Rerun this past Saturday. It was a busy time getting ready for the TRWD FlyFest in Fort Worth, Texas. The event was the public rollout for Coffee & Caddis, and went extraordinarily well. I sold tons of my flies, as did Danny: We had a great combination of simple flies (that work) tied by me, and Danny’s top shelf flies which are difficult to tie and extremely successful for many different species. We tie flies that catch Texas fish, and that is the dirty little secret! And it’s a secret, among others, we will be taking to the new Fort Worth coffee shop as well.

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