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| March 15, 2022

I heard last year that a “study” was coming for the Denton Greenbelt Debacle, and sure enough it is. For those unfamiliar with what a “study” is, it is a way to waste valuable time and your money, while “Rome is burning” – or at least time EVERYONE’S MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE is drifting away. In my experience inside Denton’s City Government, they do not look at time the same way as, say, a business that wants to succeed, looks at time.

What the letter amounts to, read carefully, is the City’s Michael A. Gange’s attempt to open a funding discussion channel for the study. And get this: “Currently, we are not certain of the cause of the flooding,” writes Gange. SO they are “not certain,” and that is what the study is about, that and whether even doing anything is feasible due to silting in of the waterway.

HMMMM, what would cause silting in of the waterway, you should ask? Could it be the log jams slowing the flow? Could it be the trees that were holding the bank are now gone? This is bureaucracy run amok people! Clear the jams, dredge the mouth into Lewisville Lake, and wherever any silt bars exist. Then open the gates, and see what happens.

And, “the City intends to serve as sponsor for the project,” but at the same time have no skin in the game with the first $100K coming from the Federal Government, and anything above that is a 50-50 government / non-government split of expense. There’s the tell. The $200K is now $100K, and once that is gone? Who is the “non-government” of which they speak? The salaries of two City employees alone, to do this study, will be way past $100K for one year! Folks, this is bad money chasing bad ideas, as slowly as OJ on the highway, until they run out of gas ($).

City Of Denton Letter to USACE’s Colonel Kenneth N. Reed

December 7, 2021

Colonel Kenneth N. Reed
Commander, U.S. Army Engineer Corps of Engineers 819 Taylor Street (Room 3A32)
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Dear Colonel Reed:

The City of Denton is requesting assistance from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for a study to address the flooding problems in area generally north of US380, east of Collins and Elm Bottom Road, and west of Rockhill Road. The flooding impacts the Ray Roberts Greenbelt, City of Denton Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, conservation easements, USACE, and private property.

The Elm Fork of the Trinity River connects Ray Roberts Lake and Lake Lewisville. A Greenbelt Corridor trail was developed approximately 20 years ago to link the two lakes and provide additional recreation opportunities to the region. In addition to property for the Greenbelt, the City of Denton leases additional acreage north of US 380. The Elm Fork bisects the leased property which is used for environmental education, and wildlife management. An 1135 project was completed on the property in the early 2000’s. Within the property boundary is the confluence of Clear Creek and the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. Since record rains in 2015, flooding in the area has continued to cause greater impacts. The inundation area has grown, duration of inundation has increased, and the amount of silt deposited on both sides of Clear Creek and Elm Fork has increased. Currently, we are not certain of the cause of the flooding. Increased flow upstream, sedimentation decreasing volume that can be conveyed, and blockages are all concerns. We would like assistance to determine the cause of the flooding and potential remedies.

The City of Denton intends to serve as the sponsor for the project. We are aware that the first $100,000 for the feasibility study is fully federally funded, and that any feasibility study costs above that would be cost-shared 50% federal and 50% non-federal. We understand that the estimated cost of the feasibility study would be prepared following a determination of federal interest. We further understand that a Federal Interest Determination (FID) report shall be prepared following initial investigation by USACE.

We are committed to this project and are willing, able and would be financially prepared to participate in the feasibility study. We look forward to executing a cost-sharing agreement for the study at the appropriate time in the process. Thank you for your assistance with this much needed project. Please contact Katherine Barnett for further information or assistance.


Michael A. Gange
Director of Environmental Services & Sustainability

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    As of April 20, 2022, in an email to USACE: Colonel Kenneth N. Reed is no longer in Fort Worth. SO …

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