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| March 16, 2022



I feel like I am wearing out the topic of my cancer diagnosed in late 2015, and honestly, I never wanted to talk about it but for the fact it might just help someone else take steps to PREVENT the kind of cancer I was diagnosed with that year.

I had a lump in my neck for quite some time. I dismissed it as a lymph node run amok, or some other thing I would never have taken as a sign of cancer above the shoulders. I didn’t know any better. I had never even heard of HPV throat cancer when that was the call! IF I had acted – by simply seeing a primary doctor – much earlier? The consequences of treatment could have been much less devastating.

AND NOW there are vaccines for HPV throat cancer for guys up to age 40! I have been the tipping point for the few friends I have who have kids at the young age they would be contemplating this HPV vaccine. My opinion on this vaccine (as with all vaccines) should be pretty obvious? DO IT. I am glad to say my advice has been taken across the board for the HPV youth vaccine. I guess they remember me as a skeleton walking around … pretty hard to imagine, and less so for their children! SO GET THE VACCINE before 40 guys, and if you have kids in the age range for the original vaccine. I still lack knowledge on the women’s HPV vaccine, so I am sure someone can comment and fill in that blank. A vaccine against a particular cancer? That prevents that cancer? FEEL FREE TO THINK

If you see someone with an unexplained lump on their neck? Yeah, go ahead – say something. If you have a loved one who has gone off the rails in terms of appetite, or any other unusual behavior that comes seemingly overnight? Say something.

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