Texas Fly Fishing Friday Rounduup

| March 18, 2022
Fly Fishing Hotspot Notification

If you missed it? This was the week for Spring Break Texas style. The next day, or two, will be another exodus from fun and back to school and work, again Texas style.

Rounding up the activity on salt and fresh water around Texas; the State is in transition from winter to spring in full force today! I was awakened early by some strange wind that literally made the old house shutter all at once. Winter battled back yesterday evening, first reversing a wild south wind, then driving by a smattering of rain, and finally tapping out the south wind with a solid west wind dropping temperatures back into the 40’s. In case you missed it, be sure to find my Northwest Denton weather station on the Wunderground APP.

The recent switch in the weather is a setback to a North Texas spring fly fishing season that looks, on its face, like an absolutely perfect beginning. We’ve been here before though, haven’t we? This part of this huge State just doesn’t really conform to the word, “predictable.” What the current weather leads us into is a state of neutrality – the heating up has slowed down, but the days are getting longer and we know the south wind will win in the end. There are key water temperatures that cause action, and I’ll tell you what I have learned in a new YouTube report (subscribe below) soon.

About the only outstanding independent buzz about any water body in Texas is the buzz about Lake O.H. Ivie, and the huge bass being caught in that lake this year. I base that word, “buzz,” on a couple of factors. First is the number of independent calls, texts and e mails asking about O.H. Ivie, and of course the online chatter including online reports and photographs.

My 2-cents is that it will get even better for bass as the water warms up, and this is a lake you have to hit if you are in range. That is because this lake can turn into a desert pretty quickly in a Texas sized drought.

There’s another hot spot in North Texas that I will talk about soon – on a new YouTube Texas Fly Fishing Report coming out soon. If you don’t want to miss it? Subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel today!

Thanks for reading this Friday, and if you have something to add to the knowledge of the Texas Fly Fishing Nation (TFFN)? YOU HAVE A DUTY – to report, and we’ll be happy to have it! It doesn’t matter how small it is, or how large. The tiniest tip can lead to huge fun for the TFFN.

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