Monday Morning Whirlwind

| December 13, 2021

Good Monday Morning once again! For some reason, after many years of that greeting, I am still not tired of tapping it out for readers. When I get tired of writing that greeting, there’s trouble in my “paradise.”


You probably noticed all the references to the temperature of the Gulf of Mexico being part of the recipe for the horrendous tornado outbreak last Friday? And have you seen the new map, based on tornado spotting? That map has literally moved the famous “Tornado Alley” in which our house stood in the middle of – to a point where we are not even on the western edge of anymore.

Tornado Alley Moves East

That map has shifted Tornado Alley at least 200-miles east. I, for one, am all for the relief we feel here in Northern Texas. Being in Tornado Alley is no passive thing. Every single first Wednesday of the month in Denton, Texas, they test the tornado sirens across Denton. Where we live, on the west side, the siren sits on a pole about 40-feet tall, and is planted about five feet from our back fence. It’s almost as loud as AC-DC’s 1979 “Highway to Hell” tour from our hiding spot deep inside the wood house that sits on top of a hill facing west. One of these days …


You may have read last Friday that this rusty bucket of fly stories is taking the leap in 2022? We are leaping to the live edge of the fly fishing information world – by going live with those stable and slightly (seriously only slightly) popular Texas Fly Fishing Reports that I have been doing for a number of years. There are bleeding edges that I have stepped back of from over the years, and those that fell off into the abyss, like the 360-degree fully immersive video experience with Nikon KeyMission, live podcasts and fill in the blank ____________. There are a few. Going live may be one of those, but with your help maybe I can increase the chance of success. I need to hear from readers who watch. And the question is:


If everyone has a different time, I will go live whenever is convenient for ME, and you can always watch the recorded version(s) later saved on the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel. It is what it is.


Six years away from my battle with HPV throat cancer, I have never shied away from talking about it, answering questions as they arise, and more important to me: I always use any opportunity to promote (to parents) my opinion of the HPV vaccination – for youth headed into the age that is prime for that vaccination. For some reason, I never get any blowback on this particular vaccination. Simply do your own research, look at my radiated-raisin-head, and make your grownup decision for your oblivious children’s future. 

As the sands of time flow through the hourglass, all of you will reach a time when you have to pay more attention to the physical wrapper that surrounds the sweet candy of your fly fishing addiction. And as you do, you realize you will have to take better care of the wrapper, or the candy will melt away and you’re left with nothing but an empty wrapper. 

There’s a lot to do to keep in fly fishing condition, and keep our wrappers strong and working properly. And a lot of it we, mostly guys, don’t want or like to do. Well, in 2022 I will be giving you young whippersnappers a glimpse into my present, and your future. I will personally be building back better – a better fly fishing body – in the coming year, and try to make it interesting to a fly fisher, and informative to those who are physically closer to my age than their kids ages. 

One undeniable truth of fly fishing: It is more than enough activity to keep us – at least minimally – young in mind, body and soul. Drop the mic on that one.

However, we are going to look for ways to evolve into even more durable fly fishers by what we do off the water, off the skiff, on the dinner table and inside our heads. Everything (except fly fishing) always in moderation. Some of these ways have already been planted here: Read more, watch more, and know before you go. Those are some ways to be prepared, or to prepare for the next outing. But now it is time to invest a bit on the inner workings, the sweet candy that is the structure of our external pursuits.


I am pretty confident that those who care more about which Howler Bros. hat covers my dreads will … fall away at the hint of anything like taking care of themselves in the interest of longevity. I know these guys, and for them “the road goes on forever, and the party never ends,” and they don’t want anything or anyone to tell them otherwise. And that is certainly not what I am here for dude and dudettes!

Bear with me you young and restless fly fishers, nobody said anything about “going gracefully,” and that’s not in my plans. The edge remains here, but we’re going to do a bit of sharpening.

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