Fly Fisher Wellness Wednesday

| December 15, 2021

How to Stay Ahead in Fly Fishing

For those of us who know the score, it is time to share the score with those who haven’t started keeping score yet.

How’s that for hyperbolic vagaries? What I am working up to is a new column, coming out on Wednesdays in 2022, that is about health, fitness and prevention – specific to those of us who choose to call fly fishing our sport. That word, “sport” has an underlying hint of athleticism to it, but we all know there’s not a lot that is athletic about fly fishing, and most fly fishers, when we get right down to the business of fitness.

My health and wellness trek has been as rough as a Conejos River road in the last six years, but when the clock struck four score? The wakeup call went out from body to brain. It’s time to talk about and work on that elephant in the room.

So this is a brand new direction we will go in 2022, with ideas on exercise (and gadgets), eating (and gadgets) and unusual fitness ideas tailored specifically to the fly fisher’s mind body and soul. I know we have the largest group of young followers in fly fishing that the industry has probably ever seen. Young being between the ages of 20-30-years of age. I am constantly encouraged by this tribe contacting me – texting usually – to learn and know more about fly fishing and skiffs. But I do realize that a “geezerly” column on conditioning and fitness will turn some of these guys off as well. Please don’t turn a bulging bicep up at this column; even if you are young and in perfect condition, it will contain information that will help you stay young and in perfect condition (like casting techniques) for more years than you may assume you have left to fly fish. I guarantee that. I will also float ideas on how to maintain and improve your performance on a skiff – with concepts to (with proper clearance from everyone necessary!) try at home.

Thanks for reading today!

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