Monday Morning Stretch

| February 10, 2014

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I don’t know about you, but I’ll take any crack in the weather window to get outside now. A crack in the clouds, ice, drizzle, snow, and I’m gone.

Luckily there’s a pond (that used to fish good, but only casts good now) nearby, and I shuffled off Saturday to give the muscles a workout. Of course I received a photo text while I was there – the M&M’s were catching chain pickerel on Lake Daingerfield over in East Texas. The first tinge was, “why the heck aren’t I there,” followed by the quick answer came “$3-dollar gas.” My casting practice continued for good reason. Sunday was a miserable mist and cold, but I got another hour of warm-up casting in before calling it a weekend.

This has been a long winter … of discontent. I don’t know how many of you have workout routines for your fly fishing conditioning, but I know the bounce-back is taking a bit longer nowadays – for me at least. Add the upcoming rigors of poling a skiff … I am just trying to find a set of exercises that restore balance and condition a unique set of muscles. If anybody suggests pole dancing!


Of course the west coast is now getting rain, and complaining about that too. Too little, too much, the left coaster’s news outlets are all over the story. They’ve been watering desert in California for almost a hundred years now, what do they expect? “New storms causing problems in the west, the east, and in between this morning,” said Charlie Rose this morning. We’re the “in between” I guess.


Today brings North Texas another ice event, threats of worsening weather for tomorrow, and of course I have to make the trek to Big D – both working days plus Wednesday. None of this means any relief to our drought though.

SO I hope I arrive where I need to be as safely as you do over these next few days. I can’t wait for the boring weather days of spring, not to mention spring fishing!

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