Monday Morning Sidewalk – Weekend to Remember

| January 7, 2019

Feels Like Spring Around Here – Flyfishing Fever is Rising

Happy Monday morning to you! I don’t get tired of welcoming you all to the week that will be … whatever it will be. All I can say is, what a great weekend past! Two days that let us peek into the spring window, and see how good it can be – for a few days – as we North Texans breeze past spring and dive into summer sauna days.

It was the kind of weekend that inspired me to get the boat ready for one of those well planned – moment’s notice – outings to wherever we can get on a mo trip toment’s notice. We are also preparing for the April, dare I say,  Keys trip.

And to that end, I am looking for information on Isla Morada that is somewhat minute, like; what the heck color polarized glasses for that water? I am sure I will need some tips on bars and restaurants as well. For now, I don’t know what I don’t know, and that is pretty edgy to me.

I did pull the gift card trigger Sunday at Cabela’s – picking up a flats anchor “stick” that just seemed pretty logical for Keys situations. I know it will be useful when I am on the flats here, and assume it will be less destructive on the Florida flats than a typical anchor.

For those wondering, you CAN USE your Bass Pro gift cards at Cabela’s (let the end begin). I am always amazed by my reaction to getting gift cards: It’s like having all the money in the world, and then not being able to decide how to spend it. Today was no different, it took me forever to figure out how to blow it.

I hope you have enjoyed the book reviews that came at the end of the year, and I am working hard – reading all these books behind the scenes. I am not a fast reader, so the current book I am reading, “A Cast in the Woods,” by Stephen Sautner, has been a slow ongoing process.


I got a few hours in early Sunday morning, a Sunday morning service so to speak. I hit the flow at Ray Roberts Dam, and for whatever reason there were no fish to be had. The water may be too cold, or the flow just exactly wrong. All I know is Lewisville Lake is backed up again – into the Greenbelt 380 park and is this brown soup that seems to be creeping back upriver.

Elsewhere, I came across a couple of people who told me that the flows at Possum Kingdom are once again at the EPIC STAGE. That is actually pretty fantastic because it will refresh the supply of fish against the dam, wash some of the dinks out, and send any stocked trout into oblivion. There will be no other choice but to go back there once those flows drop back. I am wondering what is happening at Denison Dam as well?

Have a fantastic week! I know … the weather is going to change, and all this happy talk will go back in the closet when I pull out my full quilted Carhart covers for warmth in a few days, but I / we can dream can’t we?

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