The Means To The End

| January 12, 2019


YouTube is one of the wonders of my world – in case you haven’t noticed, and they are getting pretty good at reading my mind (yeah, I know p r i v a c y) these days …

For example, they must have known (sure they figured it out from the subscription to Silver Kings) I am infatuated with the Florida Keys and Islamorada — more on my fun, but ultimately ill-fated trip to Miami and the Keys found – ISLAMORADA Time to Make the Turn.

So up pops this couple doing some whacky video with a boatload of (what I think is) good information on Islamorada. The first video I saw, they are not “hooking up” with anything, but they are sending me pearls of information that should prove valuable, it seems like, in a major way. 


I first experienced some worries about “localism” when I surfed Southern California (nearly every day before work) in the late ’80’s and into ’91. How I handled it, being the pacifist I am, was to stay as far away – from spots known for localism – as I possibly could. I missed a lot of good surf because of it too. Maybe that was their point? 

Anyway, localism definitely reared its UGLY HEAD when I launched this website in late 2007. Inside of two years I had a physical homophobic-tinged threat messaged to me, so bad I carried for about six months on the water – not exactly harmless teasing (there was a satanist involved as well!). It WAS that bad. Thankfully, those days are gone, but never forgotten.

However I do wonder what the locals in the Keys will think when a Texas license plate shows up in their neighborhood? And at the boat ramp? 

If the localism is bad in Isla, I want to know. SO, I am going to reach out to these two who are revealing the area – AND SO MUCH MORE – on their YouTube Channel — Kimmie Koolbeans – and see what she/they have to say. Needless to say, it would be cool to meet these folks on their turf (and surf).

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  1. shannon says:

    That local and sidekick who were so strange? His primary beef was not about revealing hidden spots, but about a variety of problems he had with locals who knew more than him. Bless him for his years of years of mental health since those strange days.

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