Monday Morning Sidewalk Slam

| July 10, 2017

Here’s my beef today

Welcome to the regularly scheduled Monday Morning Sidewalk, or is it the Monday Morning Meltdown today?

We had a major rain event that blew up right over our part of town yesterday evening, and the flooding that always occurs during these biblical rains (one homeless person swept away and dead in Denton County)? Yes, once again a river ran through our driveway and back forty. These events are the things that make my blood boil because they are perfect examples of how the fine City of Denton does nothing for tax paying residents. The typical story you hear from people is; the City of Denton is your adversary at every turn, not your friend and not interested in cooperative problem solving on an individual basis. Get me to a beach now!


So we begin to baste in the soggy city this morning, with the humidity being pulled out of the ground and into the atmosphere, I am betting the talking weather-heads are wrong, and we will have a few more pop-up cells in the area this week. For those of you out on the water this week – watch your radar on your phone if you have it.

Speaking of beat – I am wondering if you the readers would rather listen to the Monday Morning Sidewalk as an audio broadcast that may eventually result in a “PodCast” on iTunes. I abandoned reading scripts a long time ago, but since I have become addicted to Malcom Gladwell’s “Revisionist History,” I am thinking of giving the format a second chance. Reading off something prepared just doesn’t seem to work in my case. If you haven’t delved into podcasts, you may be missing the new “The Drake Cast” on iTunes. It seems to me Gladwell is the “Tipping Point” person for podcasts, and the popularity of his podcast may just give that old format a new shot in the arm.

Speaking of Malcom Gladwell (author of several best-selling books), I sent him a file last week – a broad outline of the life of Lefty Kreh. If there was ever one person who revised the history of fly fishing, my vote would be for Lefty. Who would you vote for? I might post that file as an open letter sometime in the future.

So what are you fly fishers up to this week? Salt is looking pretty good now. It’s plenty busy in my world, but I always prefer to highlight your exploits over my own! I received a nice story from a man who got onto some pond fly fishing down Palacios, Texas, way last weekend — and I will be running that story this week. No matter the size or scope of your fly fishing world – I want and need to hear about it! As always – THANKS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CONTRIBUTE. The mere act of writing takes time, doesn’t it?


Besides the submission to Malcom Gladwell, I am also submitting “ideas,” or “concepts” to various companies all the time. Currently, those companies include TFO, Whistle Post Brewing (Pilot Point, TX), SeaDek Marine and Academy Sports. Some of these companies are responsive, and most are not. SO, I will begin to release these ideas, slowly-but-surely, as “Open Letters” to the companies that are a bit slow on the uptake. Heck, maybe you guys can tell me how bad you think these ideas are? I can certainly take some constructive criticisms!

Have a great and safe week this week, and I’ll do the same. Check back this week for updates to fishing North Texas (not enough time to hit the road this week), and sign up for the e-mail notifications in the sidebar. Some stories will probably come out late at night this week. Send me your stories in the meantime!

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