Monday Morning Sidewalk Run

| June 25, 2018

The Bayou City

Greetings to all from hot, humid Houston, Texas! I thought I would take a minute and just let you know – it rained about six inches over four day last week. I wish we could get some of that for North CENTRAL Texas!

If you didn’t watch the last Texas Fly Fishing report, then you missed a story about chiggers. I thought everybody knew what chiggers were, but I had to roll my pant leg up and show a Floridian my ankle this past Saturday. Microscopic piranhas is what they are … and the moral of the story is – if YOU KNOW you are going bushwhacking – carry baby wipes and rub yourself down with those after rambling through the brambles.

You know (by watching the report) that I did not know, and now I am paying a price – from the neck down. I haven’t looked up the life cycle of a chigger, and to tell you the truth — I don’t really want to know. I did hear a story on NPR this morning – about a tick that causes an allergy to meat and dairy.All I can say is I hope the one tick that I found stuck to me wasn’t one of those.

I will be checking in at Bayou City Angler this afternoon, so check out the Instagram Feed for photos of anything interesting they have there. Who knows what else we will find on this brief trip to the Bayou City? Thanks for reading. Have a great week. Check back in at the end of the week for the report, and I am working to bring you a side-by-side comparison of three top TFO Fly Rods – the Axiom II vs. BVK vs. Mangrove. After finally sticking a fish with the AXII, I feel like I can give you an honest 2-cents-worth on that rod (don’t be asking for change!).

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