Tuesday Talking Points – Bayou City Angler – Houston Drainage – Delivering the Goods

| June 26, 2018

Fly Fishing Bayou City Houston

I had a great visit with the guys at Bayou City Angler yesterday, and the friend I met there walked away with one of the new Howler Brothers shirts for his Florida Keys casual plans next spring. And speaking of the Keys, Danny Scarborough just returned from his DIY whirlwind Keys trip where he chalked up tarpon, bonefish, bonnet-nose, small jacks, barracuda and more sharks. Diablo and DIY Florida? Sounds like a plan …

There’s a bit of flux in the ranks at BCA, but the core of their being – great brands and outstanding information is still their stock-and-trade for a loyal and growing number of Houston area fly fishers.

Houston itself had some rain yesterday, and last week they quietly and efficiently received more than six inches of rain (in four days) with little notice. Six inches. It’s not 55-inches, but the way Houston deals with groundwater compared to the Rio Grande Valley? It’s worth repeating; the Valley is not ready for a hurricane of Harvey proportions, and will be a bigger disaster if they are hit by a Harvey-like event.

I am working tirelessly (for real!) to find and deliver new stories – fresh feed for fly fishers – so if you are in the midst of a fly fishing story, let me know! I am glad to take it all in and filter through to see what you have. I came across a possible gem of a story yesterday, but I have to start cutting that stone to see what it really makes.

The clouds are fattening up outside now – how about more rain Houston!?

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