Monday Morning Sidewalk Mixed Bag of Treats

| September 18, 2017

Hurricane Relief North Texas Fly Fishing Trimming Skiff Going Coastal

I found a mixed bag on the sidewalk today, and this is what it had in it …

As you read Friday, the Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tournament is cancelled because the infrastructure in Port Aransas / Rockport is so damaged. Yes, the cameras have moved on, but I will be on the ground in that part of Texas next week.

There’s a new four-legged companion in crime potentially coming my way … I am giving it a lot of thought, and in this world as it now is? I could use a therapy dog for a lot of reasons – we all could! We will see; the timing of that trip south next week is a bit precarious. But, how often is one asked to write for Drake magazine unfettered and open ended?

Not one to make things easy, I imagine that drive from Houston to Rockport to be challenging and worthwhile. On the other hand, it sure would be smarter to keep the story local to Houston (where Clyde is parked now), and get in-and-out clean and simple. This weekend job has my you-know-what in a tiny vise, and the tiny handle continues to turn slowly – with no relief in sight.


Monday is a time for me to recover from the weekend, and lay plans for the week. Many of my recently past weeks were focused around trying new lakes and having my lunch handed to me unceremoniously regurgitated. The lakes include: Bridgeport (did get a record buff there though), Grapevine (twice), Texoma (twice), Lavon and Tawakoni. This week, exhausted by this exercise, I am staying close and hitting Lewisville in this haggard heat. With this much weekday time on my hands, if I knew what I was doing I would be downright dangerous to fish, but they seem to be quite safe for now. Of all these locations combined, I see more carp in five minutes on Ray Roberts than I have at all these other lakes. I typically fly fish for bass, and am prepared and searching for carp / carp habitat when I do these other lakes, but the seek and the find continues.

The skiff continues to perform to perfection. Taking advantage of this summer on the water, I trimmed-out the engine and combined that with a bit of trim-tab compensation, and increased speed, hole shot and mileage.


If you or anyone you know needs help with removal of debris, trees or anything (in my pay grade of knowledge), down the Texas Gulf Coast – BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW. I will be happy to try and help coordinate assistance for you or them. And perhaps, we can help directly if we are in your neck-of-the-woods next week and in the future.

There is always the Red Cross logo on this site which leads you directly to their site for donations. I don’t know about you, but I would rather work directly on a project than to have a contribution disappear into an agency. There’s just something about seeing the work done.

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic week, and travel safe – to and fro. I sat in traffic on the new I35E at the Lake Lewisville bridge for an hour early last night as they shut that FOUR lane highway down for what must have been a fatality accident – just don’t YOU be that fatality! I say the same for myself, as well as: What the hell was I doing on I35E anyway!?!?

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