Monday Morning Sidewalk – Ice Ice Baby

| December 19, 2016

Good morning and welcome once again to the original Monday Morning Sidewalk edition of Texas Fly Caster. If you are into fly fishing in Texas, you’re in the right place!

Heck of a deal! Thirteen degrees here overnight, so I guess the mosquitoes are all finally dead and frozen. The local bird population is piling on the bird feeders, and large white wing doves are spinning it around like a carousel. I went out about every four hours on Sunday and poured boiling water on the frozen birdbath so the birds would have water. They loved it.

There’s little to do here in North Texas but either bite-the-bullet, and go north, or load up the plantation and go south. Well, I’m going south later this week … and trying to decide how long I’ll be gone. The siren’s salty song calls me still.



The hack attack here has been resolved for about a week, and I am left scratching my head asking why this site, of all sites, was recognized for this new form of larceny. I mean it’s only a little old website for folks with a fly fishing problem, not a commerce hub loaded with credit cards – like Amazon or E-Bay! Wake up Google, and remove this site from your inaccurate “hack notice.” Go away Chinese hackers, and bother someone else. Crazy.


Today, I’ll be searching for great fly fishing gifts to give this Christmas, and get them online here – so you can make your last minute purchases. Apparently the shipping window is still open for delivery in time for Christmas.

And of course there’s still the Fly Fishing Music Year in Review. I am honestly having problems coming up with 10 worth releases this year. (Remember; no greatest hits, or rereleases, and must have come out in 2016) If you have been listening to music that gets you in the fly mood, or music that goes with fly fishing – LET ME KNOW as soon as possible.

ON TO 2017

As usual, calendar endings call forth creative juices to lubricate new year’s resolutions. And this year is no different for me. I will be floating some new ideas for 2017 Texas Fly Caster readers … yeah, we’re headed off topic again! After ten years, maybe I’ve earned the right from you – to adventure more widely; from fly fishing, culture, music, beer, to; documentaries, long interviews, long form stories, long journeys and continuing the recovery.

Thanks for reading Monday Morning friends. Have a great week, and I will keep you posted. Expect the gift ideas to start flowing forth shortly.

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