Monday Morning Sidewalk – Don’t Slip on the Politics

| May 15, 2017

The week ahead for fly fishing in texas looks hectic!

Monday Morning Write Up

Good morning and welcome to an early Monday Morning tapout of the always reliable Monday Morning Sidewalk. It’s early because I am headed out early myself – to the water, and to a carp valhalla containing king-sized golden bruisers.

By the time you read this, I should be underway, but if you are an early riser, it would probably be a good day to NOT watch the morning news shows … and go fish if you have the chance. Watching the D.C. death spiral is no longer fascinating as the executive branch quickly approaches terminal velocity. But those words do take me back to my oath of 2008, when I would swear off talking politics, even if the rednecks I came across in the bush stopped me to tell me it was the end of the world, “Obama was going to declare martial law, he would be the last elected president,” so on and so forth. I even had fly fishers thrust multi-page treatises in my hands, documentation of how God predicted the coming of Obama, and that he was the Anti-Christ. I’m not kidding, this is not fiction. I wonder what they are saying now?

The sun is rising on another day here in North Texas, and there are plenty of other pressing FLY FISHING thoughts to ponder. For instance, we all know Lake Ray Roberts is experiencing a carp season better than last season, which was the best in ten years. But, what do we know about other lakes? For instance, I have good intel on Tawakoni and some flats there, but nobody has gotten back to me on that. What about Lewisville Lake, where a guy who learned carp from me still holds onto a record size carp he caught along the 121 Pier (where they feed carp – or used to) at 15.5 pounds. Not bad for a guy who took a line-drive softball to the head – at the pitcher’s mound.

It will be one of those weeks, where you report and I decide what makes the digital print and social media of Texas Fly Caster. And that’s because it’s going to be a busy week outside the fly – family passing through, CEO photography and some sketchy weather should punch significant holes in any plans that would have been made this calendar week. Odds are this is the only day, for about a week, that is viable — even with the winds headed toward 20 today.

So have a great week, don’t become another human sacrifice on North Texas highways, and keep checking back in here, as I find something to tickle your fly fishing interests. If nothing else, watch the Texas Fly Fishing Report I published last Friday (the post below this one). There is one additional piece of information that goes with that report, and it’s for those of you considering fly fishing the Texas Gulf Coast this month – and it came from watching the Fox Sports Southwest Texas Report, and that big ol’ boy that reports from the coast (that lucky dog!).


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  1. shannon says:

    Once again, zillions of carp out there. Concentrating on a different area, but got blown off by noon — just couldn’t hide from that wind! Bigguns – 5 to 7 pounders!

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