Monday Morning Sidewalk

| December 12, 2022

Taking it to the Sand

Time for a change. How about we convert to the Monday Morning Sandwalk for a little while?

How can I say this? The weather doesn’t suck here. In fact it was a shortsleeved day yesterday on the Arroyo Colorado, as we finally got out to look at the uppermost stretch of that “river” from Rio Hondo to the barge basin/port. I don’t know what to call it actually, but it pales in comparison to the Brownsville Ship Channel.

The fishing was desolate yesterday, and that is how it goes when you don’t know what you don’t know. All I certainly know is there are some monster mullet there as well. So to sum that up: Monster size mullet are absolutely everywhere – end to end. Somebody pass me the mullet fly!

Tides are moving in a way that makes me think about running up the National Seashore – just to see what I can see, be it more mullet or something better. Winds have been slack in the morning, but are kicking in in the afternoon THANK GOD! We had a couple of dead calm days, and the mosquitoes had a bloody great couple of days.

I am selling you short today. But I look forward to being back in North Texas later this week, and maybe WE can get you some freshwater content – highs and lows. All I can say is, it is what it is. Thanks for reading today!

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