Monday Morning One Week Later

| June 1, 2020

It is Monday Morning, that much is for sure. But how can we keep from hearing the hounds of news from reaching our ears now? One week ago, just one week, Minneapolis … now we have protests – legitimate – and riots – illegitimate – across the entire Country. Little old Denton, Texas, has a 9-pm curfew in place as of last night, and a friend in Dallas sent in images of the action near his studio in the Deep Ellum area. The same photographer said that someone had been going through those same Deep Ellum streets and stacks of bricks are showing up on the street corners. The same thing is happening here in Denton.

June first is here. Can you believe it? This new economic depression is settling at its bottom already – for those not near the top, and for those at the top? They must be starting to feel a pinch in at least one of their accounts, right? There really is nowhere to go this month, but forward must be the right direction. So, on this Monday, it is forward we go.


We have a situation where crisis has changed the musical landscape – that is the music I lean toward – Alt. Country and Alternative music as well as true Country Music. That music that was released late last year, and before the pandemic this year is instantly dated and out of touch with the NEW REALITY we find ourselves living (most of it anyway). Musical artists now keep in touch with live feeds and music feeding the locked-down. And it is a relief, but none has offered catharsis yet. 

JASON ISBELL & The 400 UNIT hit the ground running with their new release, “Reunions,” which was certainly completed before the outbreak, but is still a good piece of work to mark the time. He performed two songs this past Saturday morning on CBS Weekend with his wife Amanda Shires, pandemic remote from his screened-in porch in Tennessee. – TOP 10 –

LUCINDA WILLIAMS’ “Good Souls Better Angels,” is a rocker that has a sharper edge musically than anything she has done since … forever. Her past poetic rumbles give way to a sharper delivery in the name of good new rock-and-roll. This is a true rocker that I hope will inspire yet another generation of young girls to pick up a guitar and strap it on for good. – TOP 10 –


We are not having a ZOOM meeting next Sunday night, and I am looking to expand or OPEN those meetings to anyone who wants to drop in without being invited, perhaps abandoning ZOOM as a format? While we had plenty of invitations go out, the attendance was limited to only the hardcore among us when the meeting got rolling last night. The reason for canceling the NEXT meeting is that I will be out of town, on the Texas Gulf Coast. We all know that there are some “primitive” locations along the coast, where a WIFI link can be both rare and slow.


Perhaps you are getting ready for your summertime thing? A trip to Florida, or some other exotic location to fly fish. We all sure would like to know where you are headed, and always text me pictures of the trip / fish / culture on the skids at 940-380-0408 any time day and night. Keep an eye on the Texas Fly Caster Instagram – Instagram Texas Fly Caster – account!


Check the LEFT COLUMN for your raffle ticket. Your possibilities are 1 in 7! That is truly a good shot at winning something, and drawings will be held on video once all tickets for each item are sold — and it won’t be long!


If you are not subscribed to the YouTube Channel, you should be! I started a late night clandestine operation, very dangerous, delving into fishing with conventional fishing rods – specifically spinning rods for Texas fishing. The Black Ops Fishing series comes out in the dead of night, and has more questions than answers – so feel free to help!

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