Monday Morning on the GO

| June 17, 2013

Summer officially starts this week, but those of you reading from Texas know the transition already happened in the last ten days. It’s that change from 70 degrees at midnight to 80, and a dashboard that will easily cook your favorite Earl Campbell sausage in about five minutes. The furnace has been lit.

If you didn’t get a look at Sunday’s outing, scroll down and watch the video of Joel Hays catching a carp on Father’s Day. It was a fun outing that was only a couple of hours long, but in a location I was needing to check out. Pay dirt.

By coincidence, the start of summer this week also takes us to the Texas Gulf Coast with CK and his wife. We are headed to Port O’Connor, Texas, and a day with guide Scott Sommerlatte on Wednesday. After that – Thursday and Friday – we’re on our own. CK, you may recall, has a brand new bay boat – a Blue Wave 22 footer, and it’s loaded with all the comforts.

I will be reporting to you from there, if connections allow, and you can imagine it could be pretty long winded and loaded with photography. If I have to wait for a connection, then you may not get the kind of “up to the minute” reporting you’ve become accustomed to, but in that case you can always check the instagram and twitter feeds for the latest.

It’s hard to know what the weather will be like in a week, but it’s not too soon to schedule your carp outing if you’ve been waiting. Weekdays are always better than weekends, especially since the recreational boaters seem to have finally “found” Lake Ray Roberts. It’s crowded compared to years past on the Lake but hardly what you find on lakes in the Metroplex.


Last week made a significant dent in my faith in mankind, but maybe I can find some restoration where I always used to find it – on the coast – this week. Speaking of the Texas Gulf Coast and Port O’Connor, I was turned on to a new novel by RD the other day, “Poco Bueno” by Chris Parks. It certainly is starting off well.

If you read the synopsis, it should be enough to pull in a few of you younger guys:

“POCO BUENO is the story of every man’s fantasy – escaping the life-numbing prison of his nine-to-five existence. Stokes is a 31-year-old executive in the lucrative Texas oil business. His marriage to the boss’s daughter is on the skids and his true love, an over-restored 70-foot Hatteras fishing yacht, has him panicking in debt. Following his heart, and the naked-truth of his fun-loving boat captain sidekick Jean Paul, the two fishing buddies throw caution to the wind on a quest for genuine adventure and meaning. Like the ever-churning margarita blender onboard the boat, Poco Bueno is a crazy blend of thirty-something angst, bikini-clad willful women, testosterone-fueled antics, and off-the-charts fishing.”

Have a great day wherever this finds you today, and a great week ahead! It’s time to get a little salty, so check back in and see how it goes – from here to the Central Gulf Coast of Texas. It should be a heck of a week.

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