Monday Morning on the Fly

| November 10, 2014

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There’s a lot to let loose this Monday morning, but first as always, I hope you arrived safe and sound to your destinations – work, play and everything in between.

Although there’s a lot to say, there’s no time to do it right now, as I am off for a full-day shoot as soon as I hit “publish” on this one. All I can say is; get ready because the weather is going to kick us in the Texas teeth this week. The wind’s already blowing funny here in North Texas, and the talking-weather-heads have that tone in their voices. Cold is coming, and it is even going to stick around awhile.

If you haven’t beaten on the reds on the coast, you better get after it – if this cold makes it to the coast, it’s bound to change things significantly, and around here it just seals the deal on the shift to cold-water pursuits. Speaking of cold water, I met a young guide who works the Lower Mountain Fork last Saturday night, and had a long conversation with him about the Beaver’s Bend fishery. I will expand on that tomorrow.

I heard the Blue River Derby happened over the weekend, and that’s something I always publish – if someone sends me that information. Didn’t happen this time, I guess?

Have a great day! I will follow this tonight or early tomorrow (EARLY) with a more expanded look at Texas Fly Fishing Reports from around the State. Keep an eye on the Instagram feed – people’s weekend outings come flooding in in photo form Monday mornings (which I greatly appreciate)!



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