Monday Morning Melt

| August 10, 2015

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Jeesh. Imagine a place where it’s unsafe to spend much time outdoors because pollution is so bad that the air could be unsafe to breathe. The heat so high, it melts plastic items in your car. The sun so intense, it feels like an X-Ray not on you skin, but going through your skin. This is not science fiction. It’s fact right here in North Texas where temperatures hit 106-degrees yesterday – not “feels like,” but actual temperatures. When I left the Rio Grande Valley some 35 years ago, one of the reasons I came here was to escape the Valley heat. Little did I know the future would make it hotter in North Central Texas than it is in the Valley. One thing I have always believed is you can always go home again.


While we couldn’t get a single carp interested in a fly when we found them from the skiff on July 30, I have heard those same carp are still there, lazing in the shade and refusing to eat a fly. “They were just eating zebra mussels off the submerged stems of plants,” is what was said, but there must be another (feeding) explanation because zebra mussels (as far as I know) only attach themselves to hard surfaces like rocks, docks, pipes and other very hard surfaces.


Obviously, the fly fishing for redfish in Galveston is on. At least the images sent to me (check the Texas Fly Caster Instagram feed) by Danny Scarborough show large, large numbers and healthy redfish being caught near the Galveston Island State Park (GISP). You can find Danny at, and that would be a pretty good idea about now, don’t you think?


Most of what you find here for the near future will have to be gleaned from newsletters (thanks Chris at Living Waters Fly Fishing) I receive and trip announcements from the likes of Rob Woodruff and Steve Hollensed and others. I have no idea how serious my situation will get after the medical events coming on Wednesday. Meaning: It could be an easy go of it, or it could be a real punch to the neck — nobody knows, because of my very good (I say great) overall health and physical condition, just how hard of a punch this will actually be. More on that can be found, if you like, at . If you have pertinent fly fishing news, feel free to send it in – photographs for Instagram, stories or any other news related to the things we love to read about here at Texas Fly Caster!

LAKE RAY ROBERTS – Lake Level has come down 1.2′ in August, but we’re still four feet away from opening. If this rate (of release and evaporation) continues apace, the lake should open in about a month. I have seen cleanup crews working hard to clean up many of the ramps that were submerged by the floods.

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