Monday Morning Rundown

| August 17, 2015

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Good morning everyone! I trust that you have arrived to your destinations, wherever they may be this morning, and if you arrived on time – there’s a bonus (not) waiting for you at the front desk.

Seriously, with the trips to Fort Worth’s medical district happening multiple times every week, I am blown away by what’s considered normal for the Dallas and Fort Worth main arteries. I35E through Dallas is a dangerous gauntlet without an escape path should things go bad, and now Fort Worth’s main north-south I35W is just as bad (on a smaller scale). There is no longer a “good way to go” to get anywhere. North Texas roads are a nightmare that the media doesn’t seem to cover.


The medical ball is finally starting to roll, and as of this writing I am on the tail end of the throat surgery from last Wednesday. More about all that here – If anyone in Fort Worth knows anyone who might have an “off house” – a second small backyard cottage for rent in Fort Worth, I am looking for something before I start the five-days-a-week treatments very soon. I also need to know about some easy waters to hit between appointments – that are close enough to the medical district as to not get me in a drive-time-bind.


Pieces and parts arrived last week, all to patch problems that happened while doing multiple shakedown cruises. First, there’s the sleeve for taking the two-piece Stiffy Pushpole and making it a one piece again. It won’t break there ever again! Next, there’s the new set of pushpole holders, which I will use one to lessen the bend in the pole along the gunnel. A new pair of hub dust covers made by Posi-Lube for the Ez Lube Axles (and stainless). One of those was lost somewhere down the road, and you can’t just have water running into the hub every time you launch! And last, there’s the box from Lagoon Boats with a mechanical water pressure meter to replace the hour meter, and a simpler hour meter that goes on the motor. We’re still waiting on the tiller extension handle from Strongarm in Florida. The boat kicked the first time I tapped the starter last Monday, and it was a good dust-off ride last Monday, but way too choppy to do any serious fish hunting. I just made sure KoKo ran, and took her back in after about an hour.


I’ve been active enough to enjoy the mornings we’ve been having lately – downright pleasant – and getting fresh air down my throat that has a little moisture content (compared to the relentless A/C) has been fantastic (before the pollution kicks in). Almost anything outside beats anything inside doesn’t it? I mean, the World Fishing Network for example; the quality overall of that network has improved, but there are some real duds on there every day. And regular TV is running through the season of reruns for what? another month? It got me to thinking … with something like 1400 stories (posts) here, maybe we could throw out some GOOD reruns to tread water while I am on the mend? I think that combined with that fantastic information coming in from a few guides and shops could keep this boat afloat through a rather difficult sea. We’ll give that a try this week.


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