Monday Morning Lunker News

| May 8, 2023

Welcome. It is a glorious Monday morning in North Texas, one that is custom cut for fat and happy bass to be on the move and still have a growl in their gullets.

Thunder and lightning did light the weekend sky this past weekend, and it reminded me of getting caught at the Fly Fishing Bass World Championships one year, directly under one of those storms that clears the air and shakes up the fishing that is already stirred by the weekend pressure at Lake Fork, Texas. I remember reading somewhere that a study had been funded to learn whether Lake Fork fish could tell the difference in a weekday and weekend, and stop feeding. What do you think? Find more Lake Fork Bass World stories here – Bass On The Fly World Championships.

A bunch of new footage is in the can, but it’s of a fish of a different kind, an eight-pound eight ounce lunker boy born at 8am on Cinco de Mayo. For you numeric fly fishers, that should set you spinning. Of course my SO has left the building, as her grandmotherhood seems to be quite the thing – first kept quiet and under wraps, and now blowing through the surface like a small Florida tarpon.

Rather than blather, I will get back to work this Monday morning so that I can find the time to not only work on these fish videos, but to actually take advantage of the great bass weather we have in North Texas right now.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back often, or register for notifications – HERE and on the YouTube Channel @texasflycaster! And don’t forget the fly tying event this week – fly tying in Plano, Texas.

endorsed guide service

Be sure to get on board with me this season! I will have eyes-on this week, that is eyes-on carp, and will also do sundowners for bass – if that piques your interest. Be sure to check out my DFW fly fishing guide page soon! Thanks!

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