Monday Morning Labor Pains

| September 2, 2013

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Well, if you’re lucky, you’re not where you usually are this Monday morning. So checking in with that high speed office connection may be replaced by a couch, chair or bed and no need to look over your shoulder or lock the bathroom stall … whatever the case may be. Welcome to wherever you are.

Thunder has rolled through the North Texas area all night and continues now. It’s the rolling thunder that isn’t being drowned out by the patter of rain. Cursed.

Two are missing on Lake Lewisville, Texas, and one presumes loosed from their earthly bonds. Other lakes have set loose souls as well this past weekend, and still I wonder why anyone bothers with Texas lakes on holiday weekends. One silver lining was sent to me last night, as I think about it, by Evan who lives nearer Lake Lewisville (also known as Lake Dallas). He sent me some great information and images of his outing, and was telling me that on certain undisclosed parts of an undisclosed water body, the water is so shallow due to drought, that there’s no boat or jet ski traffic that can get anywhere close to what he’s finding.

It’s the first Monday in September, and this is going to be a busy month, an unusual and busy month. In a week we are headed for some family R-n-R in Bamff, Canada. Not long after that, photo shoots in Houston, Dallas and three days fly fishing for jack crevalle at Port O’Connor, Texas, sandwiched in there somewhere.


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