Monday Morning Jitters

| June 24, 2024 | 0 Comments

After getting the news directly from the Superintendent at Ray Roberts last week, news that the lake could be closed well into July? My right arm, casting arm, continues to twitch uncontrollably. My backyard lake, the lake down the street … it’s out of service.

The bright side? No pressure on a tough lake like Ray Roberts can be very helpful. In the past, when the lake was out of its banks, and traffic was down – the fly fishing was very good. So there’s that. But, it was actually open for US to access.

Meanwhile … it’s obviously time to seek out and find other places to nip that twitch in the arm. If you know where I should go? Or if you want to show me what you’ve been hiding from your friendly fly fisher? Contact me and we can get out there this week! Share the love of the sport – to spread the love of the sport – is what I say. Keeping secrets? That is fine. I have kept dozens of those while actually doing videos that are helpful to the fly fishing population, and showing and telling new fly fishers how it can be done. Sure, I have had whiners over decades. I get one about every five years, and they never ever provide any evidence that my videos have any effects on the fly fishers showing up at their super secret honey hole – never ever. It is what it is. It reminds me of the fly I invented, the Douser Minnow, you know it looks a lot like the Clouser Minnow? The point is: It’s all been seen if not already done – and that goes for your little honey hole as well. GROW THE SPORT.

News Abides During These Times

It seems like we will be having fly news showing up every single week with so much weather and conditions changing to adjust to the weather. Don’t be surprised if I have time to bring it to you, as was the case last week! The next news report will contain information on fly fishing clubs in Texas, so if you want to promote your club? Contact me, and give me your update. I would sure like to know how many club members are out there, and how many members each Texas fly fishing club has on its roles.

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