Monday Morning Coming Down Again & Tuesday Isn’t Clear

| January 28, 2013


I keep having to remind myself; it’s still winter dude! Sunday’s weather was something like a late spring day on the Texas Gulf Coast … no crazy cool down following 30-plus south winds turned north. No, the weather Sunday makes you think the fish must feel a randy as we do, but the reality is the water is cold, it’s a lot colder if you are around the lake. Remember, we had a freak February snow storm last year, and a freak snow storm in March the year before.


The cat’s pretty much out of the bag, so I may as well fess up and let you know I am part (a very small part) of the “fly fishing establishment” now. I am hopeful I will not have to mention it again, but I have been brought on with the International Federation of Fly Fishers as the Regional Director for the North Region of the realigned NEW Texas Council. Now, I wouldn’t know my point of order from my filibuster, but I guess I have one thing on my side – youth.

And youth is the only logical, intelligent mantra for those of us who have a love for this sport and want to see it continue as a significant segment of the fishing world in the future. We have a long way to go, but it is pretty obvious to me that we are at least starting to think about heading in the right direction.

If you are thinking about learning to fly fish, and are fifteen or younger, please register on this site because there will be some very important information about free fly fishing lessons and guided trips (after proficient) starting this spring.

Membership at Texas Fly Caster has it’s privileges, but first you have to be a member!


I am so amazed by the weather Sunday. I was out at Lake Ray Roberts doing some testing of my DSLR shooting video, and the wind was literally howling. It was great lighting and terrible otherwise. I will throw some of that together soon. Shooting DSLR video is all the rage nowadays, and as cumbersome as the cameras and lenses are, it looks great in movies like “Low and Clear,” and I am finding some creative uses for it. An easy way to spot this trendy video style is when you see very shallow depth of field (subject in focus and background / foreground way out of focus), and the color values can be attention getting.


I am still in recovery from the drive to North Carolina, and the beating the wind gave me Sunday, so I will pile up those images and all the new DSLR video and spend a half-day trying to make something coherent out of each project. None of this amounts to anything resembling a complete story (thought), but clips can be fun, don’t you think? Think of the North Carolina images as a “preview of coming attractions.”

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have arrived safe and sound wherever you find yourself this morning! Regardless of present weather and drought, spring will spring, and it will rain, and we will fish. Feel free to ask questions and make requests for information you seek.

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