Monday Morning Blows

| December 9, 2019

Weather You Like it Or Not – Cold Returns Again

Good Monday morning to all this morning! What a world we have nowadays, don’t we? It’s easy for me, as a journalist, to get swept out in the riptide of history we find ourselves in these days. Up is down, and down is up. Truth is lie, and lies are true. And it extends from right here where I sit and listen … all the way to the top.

And that is precisely the reason to shut it all down and go fly fishing, perhaps the best reason. Friday, I found myself all alone on a tiny East Texas lake – Daingerfield – fly fishing off the skiff for the wolf-baby chain pickerel that live in that water. A lot of things change, but in the years since I was last on Daingerfield fly fishing for chain pickerel? That has not changed at all.

I was pretty confident that I could repeat catching those chains, and sure enough the little wolves abided. That video is a long drawn out affair, among many other things that are proving long and drawn out these days — new job search, rock-and-roll printing, the “Couch Art” project, the upcoming Cimarrona show at Armadillo Ale Works this Saturday … on and on it goes.

I still have not caught any positivity, so I will put my head down and go back to work on that video – which I will shamelessly promote here and you can always find on my YouTube Channel. I strongly suggest you check out the YouTube Channel for PAST VIDEOS from Daingerfield, Beaver’s Bend Bow, the Blue River and so much more! AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL!

Thanks for hanging in there through this slacker tide – me being the slacker and the words being the tide!

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