Monday Morning – Belt Hangovers For Everyone!

| December 2, 2013

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Welcome to your CYBER Monday morning wherever you are, however you got there. For me, “there” is still in Houston this morning, and back to North Texas by this afternoon is where I’ll be.

I tell you what, the holidays seem to leave a little more hanging over my belt every year even if this last few days did include several miles of walking the Galveston Bay and Ship Channel topped by a (what I thought would be a relaxing) trip to my parent’s church yesterday morning in The Woodlands. Oh no, a church service at the Woodsedge in The Woodlands is a rock-and-roll affair with thirty minutes of standing, singing hands raised.

My hands, by Sunday morning, would only raise high enough to get a grip on the chairs in front of me so that I could lean in for support. Ten miles of muck wading and sand walking in the previous two days had left my legs worn, and standing still was the last thing you do in the muck – you’ll get stuck.

Needless to say, part of the winter doldrums will be dedicated to conditioning and significant weight loss for yours truly. The last thing I need is to break down this spring in


If you were thinking of hitting the Howler Brothers for some gift giving – today would be a great day Cyber Monday. The code for a 30-percent discount today is – TERCERO at checkout.

If you have an IPhone, and want a great case for it – up to military specs – there’s a cyber sale at LIFEPROOF that could save you a lot of money, both by saving your phone, and with huge discounts on accessories for the LIFEPROOF case. This is the case I use, and it’s been underwater – accidentally and intentionally – several times. The code there is E13122.

If you’re a fly rod builder, take a look at Mud Hole Rod Building and Tackle Crafting today as well. Personally, I want to build my own rod building devices – rod wrappers and such, but without one in hand to go from … If I ever get my ducks in a row (with a little help from my friends) I’ll build some quality rod building “stages” to work off of.

Last for today, but not least, have a look at YETI’s new rod holder that mounts to their coolers.


Stay tuned for a complete breakdown of what happened on this year’s Black Friday, but switch the channel if you are expecting a “fishcapade” of information, photography and video. Maybe adventure to years past for sentimental looks at successful Black Friday outings of the past (there’s a RELATED POSTS linkage at the bottom based on the content of this story). Like I always tell you, we show the bad with the good, and I am going to the maximum extent of knowledge to see why this Black Friday left me blue.


We have a few days of mild weather punctuated by another cold blast coming later in the week. If you have any ideas of adventures you would like to see, feel free to suggest. THe window of opportunity to (successfully) fly fish in North Texas is almost closed. Oklahoma is still out there, and my mind wanders to Texoma regularly now (time for some kayak electronics?).

Have a great week as we enter the last month of 2013.

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